Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children


Thursday 27th of October, 2016.

I woke up quite early this day to meet with Meg in town for sharing some of our new ideas around a warm cup of coffee and some cinnamon rolls (without any surprise, yes, we were meeting at Starbucks, and yes, once again). Wrapped into my oversized coat, my favorites oxford shoes on, I ran through the morning fog to catch my bus to be on time. There's no better season for me than the autumn and its stunning colours and scents that make me feel so inspired every time. Around our 5€ favorite coffee we got ourselves into deep conversations going from the new Macbook Pro to the latest fashion trend and eventually the movies at the theatre. Having no peculiar plan for the rest of the day we decided to go check out Burton's new movie Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. And well, after my obzervations I have quite a few things to talk about.

First of all, my childhood has been shared between Walt Disney's (who didn't ?) and Burton's movies. I am a huge fan of his unique universe since then and I am always so thrilled to see his latest movie. Burton has this very special peculiarity to turn something weird and creepy into something so magical and poetic. So when I heard about this movie it was a need for me to go and check out this one. We escaped the outside cold and jumped right into the cinema with our tickets. And after the movie I have to say that I've missed Burton's magic. Miss Peregrine's is full of magic, weird stuff, poetic, creepy monsters, crazy children and adorable children as well. This movie drives you right back into Burton's universe and thanks god it felt so good. I love Burton's movies, a lot, but it's been a while since I wasn't that excited about one of his latest. It was always missing something, some magic, it was like there were no Burton's crazy mind anymore. Miss Peregrine's reminds me why I loved this director so much. With a stunningly beautiful Eva Green (I just fell in love with her in that role btw) in the leading role and an awesome Samuel L. Jackson in a crazy creepy doctor, the movie catches your attention from the beginning to the end.  Quite a surprise not seeing Danny Elfman for once at the credits after a Burton's movie though but Mike Higham and Matthew Margeson sure did the job and created a very poetic and magical soundtrack that goes perfectly with the wonderful pictures the movie has to offer. Still, at some point, you can feel a bit of Danny Elfman's footprint. I am a lot into fashion from the 40s, old manors and even more when it has a creepy side so I felt pretty served. All along, the images are beautiful, from the Florida's scene to the 40s England ones, the colours, the designs, the costumes , Miss Peregrine's hair, Emma's shoes, everything was absolutely magical.

So yeah, as you might understand I bloody loved that movie. So well actually, that I've watched it 2 times already... well, after you know me a bit more you'll soon realise that 2 times at theatre watching the same movie is kind of a regular basis for me. But before I say any more time"magical" and that I reveal any spoiler that's gonna be all for my obzervations. I hope it's gonna make you want to watch Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children because it truly deserves it.

Until next time.


I am not a professional movie critic but just someone, who sometimes, have great thoughts that might be worth the share, because that's what we do at the Obzervatory.

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