LE CLOSET: Top or Flop?



Ok, so we recently discover this French company called Le Closet. How? Thanks to the uncountable number of Facebook ads we have on Facebook these days… But anyways, we clicked because anything fashion related is intriguing to us and we want to be apart of the trends. Or at the least, be aware of them.

Le Closet is a fashion company with the “Subscription Box” business model. The concept? When you sign up as a member, for 49 euros per month, you receive an unlimited amount of ‘Closets’ with 3 items of clothing and 2 accessories. You can keep them for as long as you want, buy whats in them or return the whole content of the box, and get a new one almost the next day. Hence their slogan: “Never wear the same outfit twice”. Now, what do we think about this?


The positives

  1. If you spill your matcha latte at Starbucks on your brand new white pants that you received in your Box that same morning? No big deal. You won’t be obligated to buy them. Le Closet takes care of treating minor mishaps to the clothes, you know, the ones that a trip to the dry cleaners can fix.
  2. Also, Le Closet subscription plan isn’t like your Gym’s subscription plan. You aren’t stuck in a vicious cycle. You can cancel at any time, and not feel guilty about paying for it and not using it.
  3. If you fall in love and want to buy something that came in your box, you keep it, send back the rest. Then receive the bill for your item when your next box comes.
  4. Finally, Le Closet ships out your new box the same day you send back the old one (we presume, in most cases).


Now, we could find a few potential negatives:

  1. The clothes you receive could have been worn at twice before you get them. On the flip side, Le Closet basically sends the clothes that are sent back to them to the cleaners, for a complete disinfection. Then they send them to the next member, and they only do this twice. After that, the clothes which were returned three times are sold at a discount in their Ventes Privées. So, no matter what happens, the clothes in the box that you receive are new, or like 99% new. Not that big deal
  2. Secondly, you don’t choose exactly what comes in the next box you receive. While this can be a plus or a minus, you could potentially receive a box multiple times in a row and have nothing which pleases you. However, thanks to the creation of the Wishlist, Le Closet probably randomly sends you articles that you have put on your wish list. So if you’re a random person who tends to choose your outfits based on random factors, this isn’t much of a flop. Keep calm.


So, what do you think?

Would I personally love to have this box arrive at my door step on a regular basis? Of course I would, I love getting new things in the mail! Especially if it’s new clothes! It’s like Christmas for me. I’m happy somebody was so considerate to have sent me some new things to play with (you know who you are, Amazon). And, I love most of the clothes on their website. They are on the more formal/work wear side in my opinion, and are all very classic “french” looks, but some of their garments are more casual. Also, it’s nice that you receive an outfit all put together, and you don’t have to spend an hour or so in front of the mirror wondering whether those pants and that shirt go together or if you made yourself look like a umpaloompa. So over all... TOP.

Our picks:

we have not yet tried the le closet subscription and this post is not sponsored in any way. we just like the service and wanted to share it with you!

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