Salon Du Vintage, Bordeaux



Vintage in Bordeaux

Hey guys! We've been very busy lately, working on loads of cool things for you. One of them being the Vintage Salon in Bordeaux this weekend! If you are as fan of the old days just as much as we are, you're gunna love what we found.

The Bordeaux salon was held in 3000 square meters of vintage aura, displaying every sort of vintage thing you could possibly think of: from vintage celine bags, to vintage jewellery, to vintage sweets, passing through vintage cars and motorcycles, and french wines (of course). But of course... we were most interested in that near mint condition vintage Celine leather purse... We loved trying on clothes that could've belonged to our (yes, stylish) parents or grand-mothers, in tiny mirrorless changing rooms in overcrowded spaces. Indeed, old lady clothes are trendy people. You gotta do some digging into piles of strange smelling fabrics, but you could just end up with that perfect, beautiful, and unique piece of clothing that you're gunna love and wear until the day it finally disintegrates off your body! Now isn't that worth it?

We walked around for hours, trying things on, and taking pictures of old vintage and simili-vintage items, and we're so excited to share it with you! If any of you are in Bordeaux over the weekend, pop by the Salon tomorrow, it's opened all day long and there's cool goodies as far as the eye can see. Ciao, ciao, on vous aime.

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