Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange review

Friday, 4th of November, 2016.

Today, while doodling some random stuff in my sketchbook from my bed and thinking about Benedict Cumberbatch I remembered I haven’t wrote down my thoughts about Doctor Strange yet. So here I am, sharing all my obzervations, just for you, about the latest Marvel movie here on The Obzervatory.

First thing first, I am a huge fan of Marvel movies and I am always up for some big Hollywood productions full of testosterone, perfect smile, nice hair and big muscle kind of movie. Still, I am not that much into comic books so I had no idea who was Doctor Strange before. Never, until one of my nerd friend told me about it and made me watch the trailer. And as soon as I saw who starred in it, my interest reached another level. So before I got to know too much of the intrigue, I saved the date on my calendar and wait patiently to see the movie.

The movie came out in France the 25th of October, and the 25th I was in the theatre, 3rd row, my ugly 3D glasses on, ready to faced Cumberbatch on the big screen. And well guys, the movie was insanely amazing. Every time, I see this actor I am tremendously amazed by his acting and his face basically, not gonna lie… So not only Benedict was very good (as well as really handsome, can we talk about that beard for a sec?) but his co-star Tilda Swinton was absolutely amazing with her bald head and massive mage costume. The movie offers insane visual effects, also that are embellished by the 3D, which makes you dive right into a kaleidoscope. The story was pretty good as well, nothing really original, just another Marvel movie but the character of Doctor Strange, arrogant, selfish and anti-hero is, in my opinion, very likeable.

I am not gonna say much more about the movie, not that I didn’t like it because I sure did, but just because I don’t want to reveal too much of it. I highly recommend to go check it out, and in 3D please cause it’s a really immersive experience, and just because of Benedict Cumberbatch I think it’s already a good reason to go see it.

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I am still not a professional movie critic but did I told you that Benedict Cumberbatch was very handsome ?

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