The Forgotten Colour of the Internet



My grand mother’s favorite colour is Yellow. At least last time I checked it was. (Is it lame kicking off a post talking about your grandmother?). What ever to happened to the colour yellow? I recently read an article saying that fashion bloggers are really into some pink, designer, cable knit sweater lately. A bunch of them all have this same pink sweater… Hey, finally finding that really nice pink sweater is chill, don’t get me wrong but…

I began thinking, for some reason, “What ever happened to yellow?”. I’m not particularly fan of the colour, it’s not really my cup of tea most of the time. It is kind of like the opposite to now popular pink on the colour spectrum (which is probably why my rebellious senses started thinking about it). I began wondering: was there ever a time when people were really into the colour yellow, anyway?

When you start digging more into the fashion of colors, you realise that it just changes. Every two seconds. (Like we didn’t already know that?) Yellow was on all the runways for the SS 2016. It was literally referred to as the “only color that matters this year”. Is that so?

So, OK, I get it. Yellow isn’t the colour for everyone. (Especially not for pasty Irish people like me.) But it could be! (Come on, stop dreaming.) When properly paired, and perhaps with a little bit of layering, you could be street fashion photography ready! Give it a shot, people. Really.

With this in mind, we are paying a little tribute to the colour, since it seems as if it vanished from people’s consciousness. The so called “only color” that mattered during the beginning of this year. Fashion is beautiful in many ways, and you gotta love it – in spite of its crazy mood swings. We’ve put together a selection of nice yellow sweaters for you this winter, if you ever wanted to go against the grain of recent rosy trends.

Get yellow with it.


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