The Magic of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving salty pumpkin pie

Wednesday 23rd of November, 2016

Finally, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and as a not english¬†girl I’m not really used to this tradition. Still I’ve always wanted to celebrate it cause what’s cooler to have a massive quantity of delicious food to share with your beloved one ? I’ve always seen cooking as a way to get people closer. I learned how to cook with my grand parents and my mom during the holidays and week end. We spent our afternoon cooking delicious cake which lasted only 3 seconds in our plate before getting into our bellies. When I discovered this tradition, when studying english, it felt to me that Thanksgiving was all about that. Sharing moments with your beloved ones, family, friends all gathered around great food made with love.

Growing up I decided that even if Thanksgiving was not something we usually celebrate in my country I could still try to cook some typical dish. As a huge (and when I mean huge it’s H-U-G-E) fan of pumpkin I always wanted to try the pumpkin pie. However pumpkin, back there, is not seen as a sweet ingredient. We most of the time¬†use it to make soup. Therefore I decided to try to turn the traditional pumpkin pie dessert into a main course that can be served with some salad. It’s not very different from the usual recipe but different enough to be eaten for dish. So here’s my easy salty pumpkin pie version !

Happy Thanksgiving and until next time,


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Thanksgiving salty pumpkin pie Thanksgiving salty pumpkin pie Thanksgiving salty pumpkin pieThanksgiving salty pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving salty pumpkin pie

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin

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