Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap


Tuesday, 10th of January 2017

Dear America, what would the world do without those fancy parties only you know how to do. Those dazzling shows, full of sparkles, shiny hair and big diamonds. Where people walk in, dressed in their most amazing outfit, on the top of 12cm high heels, after they spent hours making sure everything is camera ready from that annoying fuzzy hair to the perfect contouring. Their looks have been thought months ago, tried and retouched so when the glamorous moment arrives, after months of preparations, when the star walks on the red carpet the real game begins, cause that’s what it’s all about, a game of gowns. And let’s be honest, we all dreamt of being able to live this kind of fairy tale, so we all sit there, in front of our TV watching them swagger around in their haute couture gowns while we’re eating those last Christmas chocolates in our favorite pyjamas. Well that wasn’t my case cause I didn’t get to see it on TV but what a pleasure to see my Instagram feed being flood by Golden Globes pictures at the jump of my bed. Thanks for remembering me how amazing my life is in comparison to yours. But still, I’ve been pretty blown away by some of those outfit and I wanted to do a little recap of my favorites. I think that this 2017 editions had some of the most amazing dresses and it was such a pleasure to see so many colours on the red carpet this year. So after my obzervations here’re my favorites.


Emma Stone - Golden Globes 2017

I think red carpet have been created for her. She’s always absolutely gorgeous and lovely. The duo Stone and Valentino is killing it every time (remember that emerald dress back at the Venice Film Festival?). The colour, the patterns, the texture everything was going on so well together and let’s just take a sec to appreciate Emma’s hair, chic and so damn effortless.


Lily Collins - Golden Globes 2017

That dress was probably the greatest illustration to what fairy tale means. The details of that Zuhair Murad dress are just stunning and so delicate, Lily was amazing.


Hailee Steinfeld - Golden Globes 2017

I love how light this Vera Wang dress was. The colour looked really nice on her and was perfectly in accordance with her purple make up. But what I loved the most were the details of the gown, the back and the sleeves that played a game of transparence.


Natalie Portman - Golden Globes 2017

Yellow was the colour of the year and Natalie rocked it. The Prada dress was very simple but it was showing her baby bump in such a lovely way. I wasn’t much of a fan of the hair do, giving it too much of a Marie-Antoinette look but Natalie was gorgeous anyways.


Millie Bobby Brown - Golden Globes 2017

Millie Bobby Brown may be only 12 years old she knows how to red carpet (which makes me absolutely jealous about btw). I usually don’t like seeing children being overdressed, make up on and heels but the outfit was surprisingly age-appropriate and so damn chic. Our beloved El was adorable.


So I’ve been only through my top 5 but many others caught my attention as well such as Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton or Emily Ratajkowski in Reem Acra. Which one has been your favorites ?

That’s all for me.


Come on Emma could you stop being so perfect every time ?

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