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Thursday, 20th of January.

WARNINGS : This article is about my obzervations on The OA so it contains major spoilers, be warned…

I wanted to write an amazing article about all of my favorite bloggers on the internet when last night, something happened : I finished the OA. And what the bloody hell was that ?

I discovered the show just a few days ago while exploring Netflix and thought why not give it a go ? You know that moment when you already have a giant list of things to watch but you just decide to start a new show instead of trying to reduce that continuously growing list. But anyways, the show looked quite appealing as it seems to be about science fiction (which is my favorite stuff to watch btw) and Jason Isaacs starring in it, motivates me even more. So on a cold night, comfy under my blanket I started the first episode. The show looked weird but I know that, most of the time it takes a few episodes before appreciating a new show. Therefore, I kept on watching the episodes and the more I was watching, the more it started becoming interested.

The plot was pretty ok and the actors did a great job. I have to say that I wasn’t that much into the part where The OA was telling the story in the house, but the part with Hap and the others was much better. But then, they started doing those movements… I think it was pretty weird, but that’s the whole point of the show, so I continued and continued, expecting that they would open that gate and come find her friends but none of that happen. I was getting more and more into it, regardless of this bizarre danse but that final episode just destroyed all the excitement I had about it. First thing first, I hate when you spend a lot of precious hours of your life into a show that finally is telling you at the end, that nothing of that is real. Remember Lost and those 6 seasons ? That makes just no sense to me. And what Prairie’s counselor was doing at night in her house ? Don’t they lock up their house though ?

But what was the most disappointing thing is the finale. I didn’t get it at all… Were they not supposed to open a portal ? Their weird danse in front of their whole school didn’t do anything except distracting the shooter. It was pretty disturbing. But the whole problem for me in that scene was why a school shooting ? It seems like it was a totally different show, that came out of nowhere.

So the show in overall was not bad, but that ending kinda ruined it all for me. I have so many unanswered questions, which I think was the goal of the director, but I am pretty disappointed and expected something different. Besides why is that Stranger Things link ?

If you wanna read more about the show I suggest to check out this article from Wired by Brian Raftery and Peter Rubin which is very interesting (here).

Let me know what you guys think of the show, I am gonna try to find answers to those questions…

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